Why do I drink exogenous ketones?!

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

"I don't need to drink exogenous ketones...my body can make it's own ketones."

Cool story, bro.

My body can make it's own ketones, too, but I prefer not to jump through hoops or restrict myself for that to happen.

See, there are 2 ways to get your body in ketosis (aka...the presence of ketones in the body).

1. Eat a Keto Diet which consists of eating 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs

2. Drink exogenous ketones

Yeah, even typing that out felt like work.

As a health coach and recovering yo-yo diet addict, I firmly believe that "diets" don't work. Restricting and depriving yourself is not beneficial for long term success. If it's not something you can make a "lifestyle," then it's just not going to work. You'll end up cheating, which will lead to you beating yourself up, which will lead to you quitting, which will lead to you spiraling back into bad habits, which will lead to you finding the next best thing and starting again on Monday. Sound familiar?

This is how I lived for pretty much my entire life. A cycle that not only affected me physically but also mentally.

So when I started researching about the ketogenic diet and learned how powerful it is, I knew it was something I (and everyone else in the world) would benefit from. I attempted it and lasted all of 3 days before diving face first into some french fries.

Enter exogenous ketones.

When I discovered ketones, I was skeptical but also desperate. But here's the thing...exogenous ketones aren't a scam or a "quick fix"...they are straight up science. They are designed to make our lives less complicated while still providing us with a healthy alternative. I still eat healthy, and mostly low carb, but there's not counting macros or anything crazy going on over here. If I want to eat a cookie, I do. I don't ever feel food guilt for choosing to treat myself occasionally and I look at food in a totally new light.

Look, you can swim across the Atlantic Ocean or you can take a yacht. Ketones are my yacht. They are my luxurious, beautiful, a more efficient way to get ketones in my body and reap all of the same amazing benefits as I would if I were to struggle my way through a keto diet.

So sure, have fun on your high horse, making your ketones by skipping out on foods you love or having to fumble your way through the keto flu to get back into ketosis every time you slip up and go over your carb count for the day...

I'll just be over here in paradise, sipping on my ketones and not ever having to through myself back into that viscous yo-yo diet cycle again.