What is the Keto Reboot

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

You've heard me rave about Pure Therapeutic Ketones, but I figured it was time to reveal the REAL secret behind the incredible weight loss and health success I've had this past year...


The Keto Reboot is a nutrient supported 60 Hour cleanse program to help with ketogenesis without having to subject the body to a simple water wash or dry fast. It is a metabolic system that is like pushing the restart button on your body and brain.

Whether you are looking for a boost in weight loss or using the reboot to break a plateau OR if you just want to fell better, sleep better and cleanse your system the reboot is a total human optimization machine.

Whats included? 2 Uncharged Raspberry Lemonade MAX Ketones 2 Charged Raspberry Lemonade Max Ketones  4  Better//Broth (Caramel Apple & Thyme) 10  AC11 Signal//OS Capsules

3  Keto Kalm Tea (Caramel Apple & Chocolate) 


DNA Repair (helps to heal and flush damaged cells) Optimized Human Performance Increased Energy Better Cognition and Mental Clarity Supports Healthy Joints, Skin, Muscle Detox Cells and Organs Reduced Bloating

I suggest using ketones for 5-10 days prior to beginning your reboot to help ease your system into the utlization of ketones for fuel. 

I recommend a box of NAT ketones to provide you with 10 ketones before your Reboot and 10 following your Reboot, because trust me, once you are in ketosis you will never want to go back! Another option is to start with a Ketone Starter Pack to use before you Reboot and order a box once you know which flavor is your favorite!