Oh hi, I'm Tiffany!

Wow. Life sure does come at you fast, right?! I turned 29 years old yesterday and for the first time ever, I actually feel like my life is on the right track. That whole "this is my year" thing...yeah, well this REALLY is going to be my year.

I have spent the majority of my life bouncing around from one thing to the next and never really feeling like I was in the right place. I was just kind of...there. I knew I wanted more for myself but I had absolutely no clue how I was supposed to find it. So I just did every thing that seemed like it would be interesting and when I realized it wasn't, I quit.

I went from wanting to be a fashion designer, to wanting to own a fashion showroom, to wanting to be a wedding planner, to wanting to be an interior designer, to wanting to own a modeling agency, to wanting to own a competitive cheer gym, to wanting to be a teacher, to wanting to be a makeup guru, to wanting to be a personal trainer, to wanting to be a master group fitness instructor, to wanting to do absolutely nothing, then back to wanting to be a personal trainer again. You guys, I am I not a hot mess, or what. I literally attempted EVERY SINGLE ONE of these things for at least one day. Teaching actually stuck around the longest, topping off at 4 years and it was a legitimate fight to the finish.

Just when I was ready to accept that life was just about "doing what you had to do" and settle for mediocre something happened. I was introduced to pure therapeutic ketones and a business opportunity that changed EVERYTHING for me. Not only did the product light me up from the inside out, the company blew me away from the very second I was welcomed in with open arms.

I'm now in complete alignment with my life's purpose and this blog will be all about how I am living in complete balance.

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