My #1 Mindset Hack

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

In my last post I shared my 6 step Morning Routine that starts my day off with a positive outlook and sets the tone for my day.

Although doing this has greatly shifted my mindset in the morning and helped keep my vibes high throughout the has not stopped negative thoughts from slipping in here and there to lower my #momfidence.

Normally when this would happen, it would turn into a snowball effect of self-sabotage that would last for days and sometimes weeks and occasionally come with a full blown anxiety attack.

But since I have started using a simple strategy any time my mind pivots into a negative place, I am able to immediately turn my focus back to a positive place and raise my vibrations back up.

So what is this hack?!

I call it my "Lie Detector Test."

You see, those negative thoughts that pop into your head that make you feel guilty, doubt yourself, or question your worth...they are just lies.

I'm a horrible mom...LIE.

I can't do anything right...LIE.

I suck at being a mom...LIE.

They are all lies!

And the difference between shutting them down immediately and allowing them to control your thoughts and emotions is whether you fall into the trap of believing those things about yourself.

So when you turn on your Lie Detector Test and it dings that it, indeed, is a lie, you can reroute your thought and ground yourself in the truth.

This is what it may look like:

The house is a mess, you haven't started dinner, and you have to get your kids to soccer, dance, and piano lessons all within an hour of one another.

Your brain: "Gosh, you suck! You can't do anything right. Remember Susie from Facebook? She would never let this happen."

This is where you catch yourself lowering yourself on the #momfidence scale. You say to yourself "STOP!" You turn on your Lie Detector Test and it starts dinging off the charts. You know these things are not the truth even though they feel very real in that moment.

So instead of falling into those lies, you speak the truth. "Having a messy house does not make me a bad mom. This house keeps my family protected and the clothes and toys all over the place means we have clothes on our backs plus everything we could want in more. We are very blessed to be able to give our children opportunities to participate in activities that they love. I am doing a good job."


Just like immediately feel better and can continue through your hot mess, but with a positive mindset. Yes, you can be both! This hack has been my secret to staying joyful and confident even during chaos and difficult situations.

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