Closet Candy Boutique Independent Stylist

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

I can't even believe I get to say this, but I have fulfilled one of my biggest dreams ever of starting a boutique! In February of 2020, I joined as an Independent Stylist with an amazing online boutique, Closet Candy! This opportunity is just getting started -- with pre-launch in November 2019 and the official launch in March 2020.

I feel incredibly blessed to be apart of such an awesome community from the ground floor. I have been loving every minute of it and it is exactly the breath of fresh air that I needed in this network marketing world. I don't feel pressure to sell or recruit. I simply get to share something I'm passionate about with my friends and inspire them to look and feel their best from the inside-out.

My team is growing quickly (currently the #2 team in the company as of November 2020) and after reaching the Top Rank in the entire company in April, I was invited to be one of only three stylists to join the "President's Club" and work directly with our CEOs to grow our program.

It is so fun to be building this community of women excited to go out and spread confidence and empower other women through fashion, because honestly -- it's a no brainer to jump on this opportunity.

So let's chat a little about what this stylist opportunity is all about.

Closet Candy is on a mission to empower women through style. We believe every woman should feel confident and comfortable in what she’s wearing. CCB lives by the motto: Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good. Through high-quality styles and affordable prices, we make great style accessible for women across the US.

You build the following and CCB takes care of everything else! CCB covers everything from the buying of inventory, warehousing, merchandising, and shipping of all the product.

Think about it: you wear clothes every day and so do your friends and family. Why not encourage those people in your life to support your new business because they are going to shop anyway?! This is a side-hustle that is rewarding, fun, and perfect to provide that extra income you’re looking for doing something you already love!


Who is Closet Candy?

We are an online clothing boutique that has been selling direct to customers since 2012. Headquarters is based out of Arizona and the husband-and-wife owners have sold over $40M worth of clothing! We stand out against other boutiques by offering always-free shipping to the US and APOs, we donate 10% of their profits to charity, and we have an incredible Customer Service team!

What Types of Items Does CCB Offer?

Aside from adorable clothes, we carry shoes, amazing basics and accessories at affordable prices. Most items are available in sizes small to large, with some styles available up to 3xl when available from the designer.

What is an Independent Stylist?

As of November 12th, Closet Candy launched a brand-new program that would allow women to become Independent Stylists and earn commissions on sales! Their logic was fantastic – why would they continue paying influencers to advertise their clothing when they had an amazing community of women who were already doing that for free that they could pay instead?

As an Independent Stylist, you represent Closet Candy and are able to promote the on trend styles we carry through your personal replicated website. You get to decide where, when, and how you want to sell so that you can build a business that fits your life.  This is an Affiliate Plus Program where you can earn commissions on sales made through your Replicated Site and you can build a team of girl bosses as a Sponsor to earn additional income on team sales.

Will I Receive A Discount on My Personal Orders?

You can place your own orders through your replicated website to receive commission on them just like you would for all other orders that go through your website.

Do I Need To Buy Inventory To Resell? What About Shipping?

No! All sales go through your replicated website. You won't deal with taking payments, having to buy and store merchandise or ship anything! We handle all of the inventory, processing, and shipping for your orders! We want you to focus on selling and building your business.

How Much Do I Need To Invest To Get Started?

When you sign up to be a CCB Stylist, you’ll pay a $99.99 technology activation fee for your replicated website and back office. This is renewed automatically every year. You may also want to purchase a handful of best selling CCB styles for yourself to wear so you can share what you love on your body, but that’s completely up to you. We keep this cost minimal because we want you to be successful as soon as possible without incurring debt to grow your new business!

Plus, any investments made in clothing or products for this small business are tax deductible.

Is There a Minimum I Need to Sell?

No. Whether you're just shopping for yourself and want to make commission off of refreshing your wardrobe, just want to help a friend or two shop or if you want to build an empire, you can be part of this program!

Is This a MLM or Pyramid Scheme?


This is an Affiliate Plus Program. We hired the top legal counsel in the country to make sure we structured this program in the best way possible. Then we hired leading industry consultants to help us craft the system.

We only pay commission on your actual website sales. This isn't a pyramid scheme, we never reward or pay commission just for signing someone up. You don't even have to build a team unless you want to! You don't get residual income, you have to be actively sending shoppers to your replicated website to earn commission when they purchase. Think of your favorite Influencer asking you to shop their swipe up link, now you get to do the same and get paid! We don't require you to buy a ton of inventory, deal with shipping or payments. We are here to help you sell adorable clothes and create a fun and positive community for women!

Do I Have to Build a Team?

Not at all - it is never required! Building a team increases the opportunity to rank advance and earn additional income (2-6% commission of your downline's sales).

How Can I Join?

Signing up is easy! Go to and click "Click Here to Join My Team" in the gray header at the top of the screen. Follow the simple steps to sign up and become an official Closet Candy Independent Stylist. After signing up, please email and I will get you added to our Team Pages for support.

Can I Just Be a Customer First?

Of course! If you’d like to check out the clothing and try a few pieces for yourself first, go to! You can also join my VIP Facebook Group at where I post outfits I’ve bought, customer reviews, host awesome giveaways, do regular live videos showing off the clothing, and share the new arrivals and flash sales so you never miss out!