6 Morning Routine Steps For Busy Moms

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Do your mornings look like this?!

The alarm goes off and you moan and groan before rolling over with one eye open to hit snooze.

This repeats 3 to 4 more times before you realize you have 15 minutes to get you and the kids out of the door. Dread sets in and your day is already off to a rough start.

But what if you started your morning feeling #momfident, calm, and inspired.

How would that look for you? How would that impact the rest of your day?

tMy 6 Step Mindset Mama Routine will take you less than 30 minutes each morning and help you start your day off sans havoc and chaos. Those 30 minutes will impact your day...and life...in a way that will make that loss of sleep so worth it.


Starting your morning with gratitude is the KEY to staying in a calm and peaceful place throughout the day, no matter what life throws at you. You literally cannot feel both gratitude and stress or overwhelm at the same time. When you sit down each morning for quiet time to just list out the things and people you are grateful for you are activating a layer of protection against anything that shows up to cause havoc and chaos throughout your day.


What have you done for YOU lately? No, really. When was the last time that you made yourself a priority for even just 5 or 10 minutes to allow yourself a chance to recharge? If you can't remember, then this step is one I want you to be really serious about. As moms, we often place ourselves on the back burner. But when we do that, we let our battery run out and are left giving to our family from a place of emptiness and exhaustion. Taking a few minutes out of your day to focus ONLY on yourself will give you a chance to light your fire back up so that you can give more quality to your family. If you need ideas for some quick self-care ideas that you can implement into your daily routine check out my last blog post!


"Where focus goes, energy flows." - Tony Robbins

If you're like "umm...what?", essentially what this is saying is, wherever you put your attention, that is where your energy will be and what you will attract back to yourself and your life.

-If you are focusing on how you don't have enough time to do things...your energy will be tired, stressed, hectic

-If you are focusing on the struggle you are having in your marriage right now...your energy will be sad, depressed, insecure.

-If your focus is on how amazing you are at providing for your family...your energy will be joyful, confident, motivated.

-If your focus is on how you love your spouse...your energy will be loving, happy, excited.

See how that works? This focus statement should be short and tied to something you want to work on with your current thoughts and mindset. For example, if you notice you have been really stressed about finances, your focus statement may be - "Money flows to me easily and often."

For focus statements related to motherhood, you can download my free affirmation cards and join my Pinterest board with examples of positive affirmations for moms.


Have you ever made a "to-do" list and by #25 get discouraged and realize there is no way you will be able to get all of that done?

That's why in my Morning Routine, I only give myself three (3) things to focus on for each day. Of course I have way more than three things I want to accomplish each day, but by focusing on only 3 things, I am able to feel more in control of my day and have a plan of action for what my non-negotiables are. Once those three things are done, then I can move on to the less important things on my list.

By doing this, I end every day feeling like it was a win because I got what I really wanted to done and then anything extra is bonus.


Have you ever really wanted something to happen but then immediately lack faith and allow doubt to creep in?

For this part of the Morning Routine, you are putting your faith in things you would like to happen. You write them down and then let it go and allow God and the universe to go to work to make it happen.

This could be something as small as...

-Wouldn't it be nice if I could leave work early today.

To something as major as...

-Wouldn't it be nice if we brought in an extra $5,000 this month.

The point is not to sensor yourself. What do you really want to happen in your life? Write it down. Feel how it would feel for that thing to happen, and then have faith it will come to you and then let it go and don't think about it much more.



This is where you write the goals you are currently working on. But here's the catch...you write them as if you have already accomplished it. Instead of saying "I will" or "I want" you will write it as "I have" and "I am".

The impact of speaking about your goals as if you have already made them happen is truly powerful. Your subconsious cannot tell the difference between when something has happened or if it hasn't. When it hears you say "I am the CEO of a Forbes 100 company" it says "Oh wow! That's awesome! Good for you!" or when you say "I am the mother of a healthy baby girl" it says "Yay! Congratulations!" and then puts your energy in a place to make that come to fruition.


Want to really start your morning on fire? You need to know your #momfidence number and be sure it is at the top of the scale.

What is your #momfidence number? Well, it is essentially how where your thoughts and emotions are on scale of being very low and insecure to extremely high and confident. When you are aware of your #momfidence number, you are able to immediately switch from being low vibe and negative to high vibe and thriving really easily. You should never start your day with low #momfidence. By getting clear on this, you'll be able to check your triggers and then move yourself back up the scale.

To learn more about your #momfidence number and how to it affects you, you can take my free master class or join the waitlist for the full course when it launches to learn not just what #momfidence is, but also how to crush mom guilt and stay positive and joyful.


These 6 (and a bonus) steps will totally change your life if you start doing this consistently. For more tips and accountability, be sure you are subscribed to my VIP list and join our Facebook community!