5 Easy Peasy Summer Activities for your Lil' Ones

Summer is officially here! While it's the best time for our little ones, it can be quite challenging for us mommas. How do we keep them entertained throughout summer?! What do we do when they're at home 24/7?! Fret not, momma. Here are some fun (and easy) summer activities for your lil' ones!

DIY Air Fort

This was one of my fave activities as a kid! It was definitely my kind of "safe space" back then. My imagination would go wild! I love how easy it is to do too, and it neverrr gets old.


A BIG sheet

Packaging tape


To make it easier, tape one side down to the floor. Open the fan, then tape the remaining edges. Turn on the fan and let your air fort fill with air. Now, it's time to decorate! You can put fairy lights all around it, fill it with pillows, get a laptop, and watch a movie! Another favorite is to get a flashlight and let their imagination go wild. Ah, to be a child again.

Source: growingajeweledrose.com

Paint with Ice

Bored with painting? Let's add a twist! FREEZE it!! Kids are so easy to entertain; just add a little twist to anything and all of a sudden, it's MAGIC. I guarantee they will looove this.


1 cup of water

Red, yellow, green, and blue food coloring (feel free to use whatever colors they want)

Short Popsicle sticks

Ice cube tray

Step 1. Pour water in the ice cube tray

Step 2. Choose a color and add a tiny drop per cube, mix well.

Step 3. Place a popsicle in each cube.

Step 4. Freeze overnight (or at least 5 hours)

Voila! You're ready to paint! Just make sure you lay old newspapers or scratch papers down before you paint, the food coloring stains easily! These glide on super smoothly on any kind of paper, and the colors are very similar to watercolor! These are so fun to do especially when you're throwing a summer party!

Source: Easy Peasy and Fun blog

DIY Hallway Laser Maze

If you have older kids, keeping them active is most important. Tire them out so they sleep all through the night, am I right?? HAHA! This laser maze is so easy but will keep them occupied for hours.


Crepe paper


Well, there's just one step to this. Basically, just tape the crepe paper all around in a zig-zag pattern and you're good to go! You can also make them do the maze. Give them a roll of crepe paper and let them go wild! The harder, the longer, the better! Make sure to prepare some snacks after, they'll surely burn some calories in there!

source: https://www.itsalwaysautumn.com/diy-hallway-laser-maze-indoor-fun-for-kids.html

Tie-Dye Beach Towels

Is it really summer if you don't tie-dye anything (or everything)?! This is definitely one of my fave summer activities as well, and literally, you can tie-dye everything. LOL! The fact that a white towel or tee becomes super hip and colorful after will blow their minds. And they can even use it?!? HEY THERE SUPERMOM!!


White beach towels or tees

Tape or rope

Warm water


Tie-dye powder or spray kits

Step 1: Lay down the white towel on a flat surface and tape your child's name on it.

Step 2: Mix the tie-dye and warm water (follow instructions on your kits)

Step 3: SPRAY!

It's perfectly fine to spray on the tapes, you'll take them out after anyway. Don't forget to spray the backside too! Wait for the towels to completely dry, you may dry it overnight to make sure.

Wash it separately twice, just to let it bleed everything out.

Voila! Their very own monogrammed towels made by themselves! They will definitely be so proud to bring this to camp or their summer pool parties. If you don't want it monogrammed, you can just tie the towel/tee however you want with the rope, spray or dip in tie-dye and let it dry.

Source: https://blog.learningresources.com/end-of-summer-tie-dye-beach-towels/

Water Pistol Painting

This is such a fun and active way to keep your kids busy! And these are tween-friendly too.

By using paint to spray on a blank canvas, you'll never know what they'll come up with! This is a great way to challenge their creativity and motor skills. If it turns out nice you can even frame it up in their room!


Poster paint


Water guns (one for each color)

A blank canvas

Step 1: Fill your water guns with paint before heading out. It is recommended to mix 50% paint with 50% water so that it's easy to squirt. But if you're using water-based paint, you don't have to water it down too much.

Step 2: Once your water guns are ready, pop up a large canvas and get ready to shoot!

Source: https://www.messylittlemonster.com/2016/05/water-pistol-painting-outdoor-kids-art.html

There you have it! 5 easy peasy summer activities for your kids! All of these require minimal effort but I promise you they will have a BLAST. Get ready to be the talk of the town, super mom!!! BEST. SUMMER. EVER.