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hey girl...


You have dreams and desires so big they sometimes keep you up at night...

You want a certain lifestyle and know you can have it but getting there scares the crap out of you...

You long to help others and make a big difference but sometimes doubt if you are even capable of doing that...

You want a bigger presence but don't always feel confident enough to put yourself out there...

You want more money but that little voice sometimes creeps in saying you aren't worthy of that level of success...

You want to make an impact but you aren't certain how you can fit in in your particular space...

then you're in the right place...

only youcan decide to go big



In this course, you will learn how to elevate your mindset with actual tools and techniques you can apply into your life and business combined with guidance on the practical action steps you need to take to see massive expansion in your business and therefore...MO' MONEY HONEY!



You are ready to overcome fear and self-doubt in your business and end the self-sabotage cycle that is keeping you stuck


You want to increase your confidence in yourself and your work by holding yourself to a higher level so you can get what you want


You're excited about setting and crushing your 2020 business goals and laying the foundation to manifest your dream life and business

You desire to pitch your work with ease, clarity, and confidence and share your offers with zero guilt about getting paid 


you can have it all, mama  

I replaced my teacher salary from home using my iPhone with a cracked sceen and a 10 year old, janky laptop that would cut off if unplugged for longer than 10 seconds...


Your dream life and business isn't out of your reach, mama...your fears and anxieties have just pushed it out of your sight. And that's where I come in...


I help you remove the doubts holding you back from making it happen by giving you the mindset tools to create the vision and then the practical strategies you need to bring it into your reality.

The videos in this training will bring you inspiration, fresh perspective, business strategies, mindset hacks and tips infused with grace and ease, and resources you have never heard from me. All of this is designed to support you as you do what you need to do to finish strong in 2019, assess and release, and go to the next level in 2020.

It's been in your head and in your heart for far too's time to make it happen, babe.

I'm  Tiffany Wynn

your mom boss + Life and hype girl

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I knew immediately that maintaining the lifestyle I had always envisioned as a mom while working as a full time teacher and cheer coach would not work.

I was coming home from work drained every day and feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed had become more norm.

I was being overworked and underpaid.

I realized that I wasn't willing to choose between a paycheck and being present and fully charged for my family.

So I quit my job and made it my mission to do both...

help provide financially for my family at while raising my baby in as the most happy and fulfilled version of myself.

After some ups and downs, hard lessons learned and victories accomplished I created a system that worked.

I cracked the #momboss code to having both the successful business that I love and the time and energy to pour into my family.

and now I'm obsessed with helping other moms do the same...


Teresa F.

Network Marketing Professional

When I met Tiffany about 6 months ago, I completely thought she was crazy but her energy kept me looking at her and following her, I wanted that energy. She has not only taught me how to better myself by believing in myself, she has taught me courage and self confidence. Looking back she believed in me before I really believed in me. With her teaching and guidance I not only was able to believe in myself but I was able to grow my team and pass her teachings on to my teammates. And I was able to rank up and earn a bonus for the first time in my 5 and half months of my business. 


Jasmine V.

Health & Fitness Coach

Tiffany is kind, humble and intelligent. She knows her power and has a helping gift that she shares openly to the world. I am in a launch phase and in a short call, tackled the business W's. Who, Why, When, What, and Where. It's a quick and powerful strategy to quickly discover your blueprints to your new business launch. My favorite part was figuring out where I'll be launching the launch announcement and what serving platforms will be best for my ideal client. This was a fun call, with lots of value. Thanks Tiffany!

Client Love

when you complete this course you will:

Know exactly what is holding you back and how to overcome it


Know how to align yourself and your business with where you want to go

Know how to set intentions that get your everything your heart desires


Know how to generate more income into your business with ease


Know where exactly you are going and how you will get there


All the cool businessy and mindset stuff you didn’t know you need to know! ;D

and my personal to break through your own self-limiting beliefs and go after your dreams with confidence.

Program Details

Eight (8) Video Trainings (7+ hours of content) [$1600 value]

2+ Hours of BONUS Trainings​ [$400 value]

BONUS Printables + Resources [$100 value]



2 Bi-Weekly Payments of $55

(price goes up on April 11, 2020)




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I know your heart wants this, mama.

You know that you need this.

But I know it can be scary to make an investment in yourself when you are so used to letting yourself down or are afraid that you won't get the results you desire.

I am in your corner and ready to help you see things differently and create the life + business of your dreams

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Book a Discovery Call and I will help you explore your hesitations and see if this is something you really need. I only want you to do this if it is the right fit for us both.