Money Making Mindset

elevate your mindset...elevate your bank account...

It's not your system that is keeping your from having success in your business.

It's not your body that is keeping your from wanting intimacy with your spouse.

It's not your friend's list that is holding you back from locking in your dream clients.

It's not your annoying coworker that is preventing you from earning that raise and promotion.

It's not your kids that are in the way of you feeling less overwhelmed and stressed. 

you need a breakthrough...

your dream life is a breakthrough away...

6-step breakthrough blueprint

I help women who feel stuck and like they are spinning in circles in life and in business uncover the root of their struggles and blocks so they can clear the path to everything they want & start living their best life.

This course will give you a step-by-step guide on how to get everything you want in life.

You will learn how to identify the things and beliefs that are holding you back from accomplishing your dreams and feeling confident while doing it. Once you complete this course you will a lifelong blueprint to bust through any resistance with ease and walk right into your desires like a boss.




You have a VIP membership on the struggle bus but you are ready to trade it in for confidence and mental + emotional freedom.

You regularly doubt yourself + question your journey and find yourself cycling through negative thoughts about yourself and your life.


You aren't currently living the life of your dreams and know you were made for more but have no idea how to get to where you want to be.

You are an entrepreneur that feels stuck and uncertain about how to grow your business.


I'm Tiffany Wynn

Your business + life confidence creator

I'm a wife, mom and multipassionate entrepreneur with a passion for helping women stop living in their heads and start living in real life.

After dealing with depression and anxiety, but hiding it under a fake smile and insecure personality, I finally decided to take control of my life and my happiness after having my daughter.

I tried various natural methods to heal, including mediation, exercise and journaling. Mindset work quickly became a passion of mine and I realized how many other women face the same struggles I was dealing with, but without any real way to overcome them.

I started to share the methods and strategies that were working for me and made mindset coaching my career.

I have helped countless women step out of the shadows of the person they were not truly happy being and walk right into the most confident and powerful version of themselves.

I stepped into my dream life and now I'm obsessed with helping others do the same..

Course Details

Eight (8) Video Modules (over 7 hours of content)

One (5) Bonus Trainings and Action Steps

Printable Journal Pages

Private Facebook Community




rachael smith

Client Love

tina rodricuez
rachael smith

The 6-Step Breakthrough Method was exactly what I needed! I've been struggling for months and I knew why I was struggling but I didn't realize HOW to change it and this just helped me breakthrough!

Some moments I'm ready

to do the damn thing and then out

of nowhere I'm being pulled down

by negative thoughts. The 6-Step Breakthrough will help me be able to stop the though process that takes away my excitement towards my business.

I've had SIX new customers so far between my block and this new kit after going 3 months with only one new customer.

Are you Ready?!

I am excited to help you overcome your obstacles, reconnect with yourself and step into the power that is waiting to be unlocked from inside of you.