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I'm Tiffany Wynn

Your new mama BFF + Soulmate

I spent the first 6 months after having my daughter trying to keep up with and live by society's standard of the "perfect" mom.

And it about killed me...

No really.

I struggled with debilitating anxiety and depression in silence while putting on a front that everything was okay and I was fine. While inside, I was miserable.

Desperate to for a change, I resulted to contacting a doctor to be placed on medication. An appointment that I never ending up showing up to...

Instead of relying on temporary fixes or options to relieve me of my reality, I started applying specific techniques, tools and mindset work into my life.

I have been free from anxiety attacks ever since and now my #momfidence is off the charts.

and now I'm obsessed with helping other moms do the same...

Ditch The Mom Guilt



That little voice that makes you question yourself as a's a lie.

This 5 Day Course teaches you how to silence that voice and become more confident and assured in your mothering.

The #Momfidence Makeover


This 4 Week Course will help you uncover your negative beliefs about your mothering and help you become the cool, shameless, and happy mom you've always dreamed you'd be.


Client Love


I just want to thank Tiffany for doing this! I have already seen a difference in the way I handle things with being a mama and even at work and being out and about.

This challenge has been absolute magic for me. I've improved more in the last 4 days than I have in 6 months. It makes me so overwhelmingly happy...I can't thank you enough.

Thank you so much!! I truly enjoyed and learned so much.

Also, I'm so happy that you allowed God to use you to help other women.


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