you can think of me as your new virtual bff!

I'm a girl mama to two sweet and sassy littles and I'm married to the most frustrating, yet amazing, human being on the planet.

I'm currently writing this from my couch while watching my husband play Madden on a Friday night...which is pretty typical for us these days. Totally different from our normal pre-parent party nights. But I love it and wouldn't change a thing.

When I'm not being a hermit, I love to get dressed up and meet my friends for brunch!

I basically live my life on one of two completely opposite ends of the spectrum at any given moment.

I can go from praising Jesus with some worship music to dancing on a table to trap music in 2.5 seconds. Sometimes my hair is straight and my natural color and sometimes it's curly and purple or blue -- or it may even be a wig. I can have a salad for lunch and a dozen Tiff's Treats chocolate chip pecan cookies for dinner.

Basically, I just like to keep things interesting.

Hey babe,
I'm Tiffany Wynn

my life is cray...but i've learned to own it.


But it didn't always used to be that way. I'm a recovering perfectionist and spent the first 28 years of my life being really really hard on myself. The happiness and vibrancy you see in me today was not always there -- and if you thought you saw it, it was usually an act.

It took almost 30 years but I am finally owning my life. Every part of it. 

And I know without a shadow of doubt that I was placed on this Earth to help other mamas do the same.

So I'm here to about my life as a busy mama building my empire one brick at a time and staying mostly sane while doing it.

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